Enjoying the Moment and Two Bad Choices

It was a beautiful day in Northern Ireland. Max and I had a dilemma. It was not an easy choice, but both choices were a win. Either stay for the full day three of The Open at Portrush or head over for an afternoon 18 holes at Port Stewart.

Max wanted to golf, but he also wanted to follow Xander, Fowler and Spieth around the course to see if they would make a great run at the leaderboard. He could not do both.

I think he made the right choice. Here we are at the first hole at Port Stewart:

We had a fun father/sun afternoon and I don’t think he missed that much at the tournament as Lowery is running away with it. Today he can head over to the course and cheer on his favorite players in the final round.

I am lucky and so is Max…most of the choices we have to make are between a good and better one.

It’s hard to lose.

The key for success/happiness/joy for Max and most people is making the right choice when faced with only two bad options.

As parents we want our kids to identify and understand those moments and do the right thing. I think it comes naturally for some and later for others, but hopefully it comes.