Enough With the Bitcoin Howard…

My friend Eddy summed up the obnoxiousness of the constant Bitcoin chatter:

I can take a hint!

Let’s move on to the market today…that boring place where people try to beat the S&P.

Josh Brown has a good post up today explaining that a strong secular bull market may be just starting. Here is the chart that has gotten many of the technical people I trust all excited:

In short – the median stock is now in a secular rise.

I watch the tape through the streams of Stocktwits. I have been seeing and feeling this for a while – and of course writing about it daily here – but the chart seems to prove this out.

I have been in constant take profits mode, but new ideas are bursting into my watchlist and portfolio every week.

Of course things can reverse, but the wind is strongly at the back of buyers.

One area I have been overexposed to the last year has been financials, especially brokers.

Two people I really like to follow Ari Wald and Eddy were on CNBC talking about the bull case for financials. It is worth a watch…so here it is.

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