Entrepreneurs and Angels are Arm Chair Quarterbacks…Revisited

In October 2009, I had some advice for Twitter. Since I don’t have much time for sports anymore, I keep my mouth shut about it and stick to pestering the CEO’s of Companies I am passionate about, from an investing, management and competitive standpoint.

The best part of blogging about my investments is how I get to think through ideas and the landscape and get feedback.

What did come to pass after this 2009 blog post was Twitter buying Tweetdeck (I was an early investor and I am an investor in Bitly).

In March of 2009, well before the blog post, Stocktwits launched it’s own stand alone product that allowed people to publish on our own platform free from the ‘terms of use’ of Twitter.

Yesterday, Ben Popper gave a very good update of how far we have come and some insights into where we are moving. I don’t think I need to explain much more.

Dave Winer, wrote a most excellent and insightful blog post back in April 2009 entitled ‘Why There Will Be Many Twitters‘. As great a post as it was, the first comment is the real jewel. Read it.

It must be cool to have other armchair quarterbacks dedicate time to your work. As a money manager I get occasional hindsight quarterbacking from my limited partners on how easy life would be if we were 100 percent long $AAPL. Totally fair :) .

We are working really hard at Stocktwits to get armchaired as well.

I don’t have a helmet, but I do have a big ear.

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