Eren Bali and Russell Fradin of Carbon Health on Providing High Quality Healthcare at Low Prices (EP.179)

On this episode we’ve got not one, but two legends; Eren Bali and Russell Fradin. They’re both working together on a company called Carbon Health. Eren founded it and Russell invested in it. Eren’s last company, Udemy, recently filed to go public. Russell was an investor in Udemy. We can’t talk much about Udemy since there’s a quiet period, but we dive into Carbon Health and learn a bit about healthcare from somebody who actually understands it and is trying to fix the system.

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Guests: Eren Bali, Russell Fradin

Profiles: Cofounder/CEO (Eren) Vice Chairman (Russell) Carbon Health

Where to Find Them: (LinkedIn) Eren Bali, Russell Fradin

What’s Eren Panicked About?: Missing my kids grow up while I’m starting companies.

What’s Russ Panicked About?: Doing this recording.

The Takeaway:

Eren arrived in Silicon Valley from Turkey in 2010 to relaunch Udemy, his online education company. He spent a few years working at tech startups as well. Udemy went on to become enormously successful. Later, his mother become ill, and he spent months accompanying her to the doctors to get the right diagnosis and treatment. This led Eren to his true mission. Now he’s the founder and CEO of Carbon Health, one of the country’s fasted growing healthcare startups. Their mission is to provide high-quality healthcare with a special focus on underserved demographics, providing low-cost health clinics across the country. In addition, Carbon Health was on the frontlines when the pandemic hit. Russell Fradin is the Vice Chairman of Carbon Health. He’s also cofounded many companies, including ad platform Adify, and Dynamic Signal. Russ was a guest way, way back on Episode 7 of Panic with Friends.