ERTS and XRAY…Two Wallstrip stocks still Delivering The Goods

My kids own XRAY but for some reason I never bought any after our Wallstrip show. They just keep blowing away numbers. Also one of my fave starring roles and ideas from waaay back on Wallstrip (our tribute to the great ‘Marathon Man‘ ). Reminds me that I need to go see this dude for a toothache. He is really that scary. AND, I should have bought more :) .

Electronic Arts which I blogged about buying down 20 plus percent months back is ripping higher as well. I will lighten up a little here after the great run. Hre once again is the awesome Frank Caliendo, who is getting his own show on TBS, doing John Madden (a serious tangent, but related to ERTS through Madden’s Football). Enjoy:

Disclosure – Long XRAY and ERTS

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