Etoro – Finally In The USA

Way back in 2010, Social Leverage invested in Etoro. Here is what I wrote in early 2010:

In Israel I met with Yoni Assia, the founder and CEO of eToro. Since meeting him, I have seen the Forex light. This company seems like an unstoppable force of nature. If you don’t believe me, log on, open an account in a few seconds, and place your bets on your parents Visa card (not you Max!).

In 5 years, your 20-year-old kid will be quoting the Yuan, Dollar, Yen and Euro (maybe) in the same way they talk about social gaming and photo sharing. They will be trading during class. There will be a million Jim Cramer’s. Though Jim Cramer seems tired and old to us ‘professionals’, the circus has just begun.

If you add Bitcoin which Yoni was actually talking about in his pitch to me back in 2010 (which obviously flew right over my head), all of the above has come true.

I have been pestering the founder Yoni Assia to launch in America ever since.

Today they did. The gist:

The social investing and trading platform eToro announced that it will finally be launching its platform in the U.S. The platform, which already operates in more than 140 countries, will be available in 30 states and two territories with plans to expand elsewhere in the U.S. after receiving the necessary regulatory sign-offs.

I had lunch with Yoni today catching up on the markets and talking crypto. Yoni continues to be very bullish on Bitcoin and the blockchain.

Tonight at their launch event I did a fireside chat with Anthony Pompliano and we had a blast. I’ve known ‘Pomp’ for a while and been on his podcast (click here to listen), but never met in person…

Here I am with Yoni (left), Pomp and Tal (the amazing head of product):