Even Cramer LIKED Cramer

Dylan Ratigan posted this on his CNBC Blog:

This is a Riot! Cramer as Dr. Phil!
It is so good, but, thanks to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer- I can’t post the video player here. No, that would make too much sense for Mr. Softie to allow people to blog like grown ups, no they have an html blocker- here’s what they say: Some HTML tags may be removed from your entry for security and formatting reasons.

Riiiiiight.. what a joke- anyway I can’t wait to get our blog on the new CNBC.com next month- let’s hope that is better.

Anyway- this thing with Cramer is a riot- so follow this link- and you’ll be able to see it. When I showed it to Jim today- he was crying with laughter.

So we made Jim cry with laughter. Never accused him of being stupid :) .

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