Everything You EVER needed to Know About Trading and Investing in Two Minutes

I rarely laugh out loud (LOL). I want to. I do get joy from making other people LOL.

Today I laughed out loud at Dave Portnoy’s tightly edited 3 weeks of immersion into trading.

It is genius and you must watch this:

Dave founded Barstool Sports and he claims to be a degenerate gambler. This video makes that claim sound very real. Because sports are shut down, Dave decided to bring his audience into the glorious world of investing.

At first I was horrified by the idea, but now that this video exists I applaud it.

As I have said on this blog forever, the markets are a miracle. Every young person should be learning the language of the markets and have the opportunity to participate.

High School kids finally have a video tutorial in a language they will understand that explains the highs and lows of investing.

The on ramp exists for those who want to do it themselves. Robinhood is growing faster than ever. Etoro is growing faster than ever. Stocktwits is growing faster than ever. Young Koyfin is growing faster than ever. Rally Rd the same (Disclosure – we are investors in all of them).

As Dave says:’Anybody can do this game‘.

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