FAANGK – Eastman Kodak Joins FAANG Because Of The Government ‘Cash Cannon’ Game Show

The froth in the market continues around the edges.

Yesterday, there were 25,000 messages yesterday on the Kodak stream. The Tesla stream had our previous record of 20,000 messages on their last earnings day.


I read somewhere on the streams yesterday that overnight, Kodak was now larger than 60 percent of the Russell 2000.

Seems fair.

At this point, our leaders have turned the cash canon into a new daily game show.

I can only imagine that next up from Fat Nixon and crew is a SPAC for ‘Flint Michigan Bottled Water’.

In any other market, the silly stock specific moves from the lunatic federal policies would make me step aside and worry.

At the core of it all though is $5 trillion in revenue and 500 billion in cash from Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Yesterday they were in Washington while the froth party moved over to Eastman Kodak stream.

Today, who knows.