Facebook and Social Networking…Misery LOVES Company!

We are truly at a financial and cultural inflection point.

If we are not in a depression financially , we are there in spirit.

If we have learned just ONE thing from the financial and political collapse in America, it’s that there are NO experts and NO such thing as SMART money or SMART politicians. We have opinions and opinions are like ‘assholes’…I truly give up politically and have deemed myself ‘Too Small to Fail’ in everything i do. I will sell before I get big :) .

Surprisingly and shamefully, CNBC is more profitable than ever while good journalists lose their jobs at media companies with the real reach. It’s not funny at all anymore. It is a true crisis.

The bankrupt Yutz’s at The New York Times are asking if we need a NEW Internet (because headlines are the only thing that matter in the blog world – guilty as charged.

More genius is TechCrunch – the leader of Web 2.0 cheerleading – is declaring it’s own death and that of Web 2.0 (the best post TechCrunch has had in a year.) I guess Mikey is still busy wiping spit off his face and not overseeing the headlines and death of his blog.

There is only one thing clear to me about Social networking as we tread deeper into 2009 – MISERY LOVES COMPANY! Facebook has surpassed 175 million social spammers and is growing by 600,000 people a day. I believe the 600,000 number is exactly equal to the amount of Americans losing their jobs daily. It explains my desire to spend less and less time on the networks of late. That said, it also is why I am more encouraged than ever.

Instead of further complaining about it, I will fix my Facebook page and set it straight. I will block out the noise and misery and focus on the good in the network.

The next phase of social networking is here. It’s about discovery and filtering…better filtering tools and better enforcement by individuals. It’s not a new opinion of mine. Chapters 9 and 10 of my book, which I finished last January and is finally shipping, is still reading very fresh on the subject of Social Networking and Leverage.

Social networking, while clogged to the gill with newbies, is in DAY ONE still. Arrington is tired and so is calacANUS. Scoble is still a yutz and for the shrinking of all three we should be rejoicing. There are NO experts, just opinions and bullies.

I back up my opinions with my hard earned money and that of my partners so I write, bitch, complain and shamelessly promote here and on Twitter, but they are just opinions. I am not an expert. The best I could be is right and at worst, embarrased, broke and deemed a putz by you and my partners.

How great is that!


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