Facebook and Twitter…Yawn. Give me Dillard’s?

Today, 157 stocks closed at all-time highs (The great Ivan is now diarizing this for us all on his must read blog almost daily). As a reference, in March 2009, there were 100 all-time highs being recorded. Read on…

Surfing the trending tickers tonight on Stocktwits I see $DDS trending so I clicked. I thought it meant that dentists were trending and Stocktwits was broken.


It’s Dillard’s. From a quick eyeball of the chart I see that the stock is up about 50-60 fold since the lows of 2008. Not 1998.

I can only spend about 10 percent of my time these days keeping up on my lists and blogging about stocks. It’s frustrating. The fact that Dillard’s has and is at major highs is something I would have known about for months if I was fully running an equity trend following strategy. I am thrilled for my pals at Blackstar who are crushing it with a simple trend following strategy I have blogged about so many times in 2007 and 2008. Great math and mechanics work.

I was on CNBC today talking Momentum with Josh and Herb (so wierd to be on TV with pals Josh and Herb) and of course we were talking $LULU and $AMZN, but these stocks pale to the mighty Dillard’s.

The stock market is a wonderful and spectacular place and I am so excited to know so little and have so much fresh opportunity perspective jammed in my face everyday from checking into Stocktwits.

Rock and roll. And Congrats to the Dillard’s shareholders. Wow.

PS – Here is a video I did with Eric of Blackstar AT THE BOTTOM in March 2009. Blown away by what the data he reels off at the end of the video re Biotech and Financials. Price NEVER lies.

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