FaceBook and YouTube Dilemma's…Not Revenue, but Valuation

The people at Craigslist got it right. They answer to pretty much no one. They have an awesome business and they hook guys up with naughty chicks.

Facebook and Youtube…not so much. Another day, another drama unfolding about the revenue problems for both.

Mark KookyZoookerberg is holed up like Yassir Arafat eating plums and sipping wine coolers while his salesforce trots around the globe trying to meet numbers met by the yutz’s at Microsoft and the VC’s that keep pumping money for servers and wine.

I could go buy a bazillion impressions on Facebook for 3 cents a piece. I won’t, because even that’s overvalued based on what I would get back. Guaranteed the brands are figuring out how to go direct and the agency model is screwed once the brands get wise and focus on engagement and not impressions.

That said, Facebook and YouTube (actually could be someone different, but same industries) WILL solve the revenue problem so the quarterly noise surrounding met and unmet revenue issues is just that, noise. Actually – Ashkan as usual gives you an example of how small the problem really is .

It’s just sad that the defections from both companies will be massive and I guarantee you the internal hate must run deep for PookyZooky from his lieutenants.

YouTube has no problems other than the price Google paid for it. Facebook has only three problems KookyZooky Baby Jesus, Microsoft’s breath on it’s neck and the valuation.

Not the end of the world, just more opportunity for the little guy’s like you and me.

Days like today remind ME why I am LONG social networking and web video (at $3 billion, I will also buy some facebook stock if anyone is selling).