Facebook Bungle? Apple is Smiling Once Again

The happiest Company in the world over Facebook’s Beacon drama has to be Apple. For them the glass is 9/10th full. The only group not sipping their kool-aid are the ‘top?’ tech bloggers.

They always want more. It’s why they sit in their underwear in their basements without girls in the dark. Underwear and darkness are the only two perfect things for them. They can’t bash Hanes and in darkness nerds almost look human :) .

Apple has got it all going on according to Bijan . I wouldn’t know because I just use my Macs for the internet through Firefox, but you should take his word for it. He uses every feature of every product and owns the stock as well. In my books, his is the only OPINION on the subject of Apple that matters.

Why I love Apple

There are a lot of Apple critics out there these days. Including my good friend Fred & Robert Scoble (who I haven’t met but I enjoy his blog)

Their complaints are perfectly reasonable and I totally get it. And I have a feature wish list a country mile long about my Mac/iPhone.

But I gotta confession to make. Ready?

I love Apple.

1. They deliver amazing products. We have four Macs in our house. 5 iPods and 1 iPhone. We wouldn’t be this loyal if these weren’t the best products in their class.

2. Apple hardware is simply gorgeous. I have the Apple 30” monitor on my desk. My colleagues, especially Dennis and Todd lust after this monitor every time they walk into my office. I run presentations on it, sit on my coach and with the Apple remote I can surf in bliss.

3. I have never, never have had a virus on any of my Macs. Period. And I download tons of crap off the internet. I’m testing everything under the sun and then some. And not once have I had a blue screen of death or a fatal software error.

4. I upgraded to Leopard without doing a clean install. It just worked.

5. Video conferencing on iChat just works. I haven’t met a single Windows user where video conferencing worked every time.

6. I’m addicted to iPhoto and iMovie. There is nothing like it. I stream photos in iPhoto to our MacMini connected to our HDTV. It’s stunning. I edit home movies of the kids every month. It’s a snap and it’s *fun*. I modify, crop, tweak, tag all my photos and send them to Flickr to share with my loved ones and all of you. Peace of cake.

7. I download as much music as I can from Amazon w/o DRM. It goes automatically into iTunes and then syncs perfectly to my ipod and iphone.

8. Airport Extreme just works in my house. I have 2 of them to extend the reach. I can open up any Macbook in the house and 2 seconds later I’m on the LAN and WAN. I can mount any drive anywhere. I can access any screen via ScreenSharing.

9. I can bring up Terminal if I really want to geek out and get stuff done. this is a unix machine after all

10. I like the glowing apple logo. And it likes me :)

11. I have a lot of friends at Apple. I know how hard they work to make all this stuff work. They care deeply about product excellence. And I send them a note after each MacWorld and WWDC.

12. I love the stock….Long Apple.

Bijan is not looking at the price of the stock daily and is more focused on the products. I trust he will be writing about the Company and products if they really screw up. Maybe even sell the stock. Until than, I only need price to tell me about how Apple is doing. So how is it doing?…

During the recent meltdown it did not get CLOSE to it’s long-term trend stop of $141 . The stores at Christmas will be insanely crowded as they are every day so we should have clear sailing on PRICE until mid January.

By the way…Bijan’s other credentials…quitting Apple and winning Wallstrip’s first Blackberry race.

Disclosure – Long Apple

PS – Here is his Wallstrip Interview…good stuff…he nailed it in Long/Short


  1. Re: money says:

    I don’t really love or hate Mac or Windows. To me they’re just tools. But I’d like to say a word in defense of Windows.

    The big difference is that Windows runs more or less okay on MANY various hardware configs, while Macs are designed to work with just one specific set of pre-selected hardware.

    If Windows were to do the same from the beginning, there would be a lot fewer hardware manufacturers and possibly fewer hardware advances and inventions.


  2. Re: money says:

    Ok, here’s one more:

    I think there’s not a lot of viruses for Macs exactly because there are fewer Macs in use: virus- and Trojan-writers want to attack more computers rather than fewer.

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