Facebook Cleanup Possible and a Smart 'Open Web' Move

It has been a few weeks since I checked MY Facebook.

My friend Nick at AllFacebook is breaking some news that Facebook is opening it’s platform to the real web . If that’s true, that would be meaningful and very useful to us boring bloggers.

Otherwise, there is just nothing going on there for me. Very disappointing to be in the web space and get little utility from a company with a $15 billion valuation. I guess I am not representative of the maret but ‘they’ say my demographic is the fastest growing sector in the space.

I still believe in ‘Social Leverage’ being what the next web is all about, but Facebook is not there.

In other Facebook news Read Write Web I learned that an application exists to clean up the mess us 40- year olds make. It’s called rather smartly IgnoreAll.com .

The stakes are high enough now that the community could help clean itself up.


  1. McLarty says:

    I hypothesized the other day that all user interfaces start simple, and die complicated. Does the same apply to trends? You would know better than I.

  2. haileris says:

    Social networks going to be open whether facebook likes it or not, and whether they participate or not. There’s already multiple efforts under way, whether it be top down or bottom up.

    Facebook may be $15 Billion, but they’re squandering the valuation. Social networks and identity are more about pokes — it’s about building a unique namespace on the internet with services behind it. I want to be able to type in a friend’s URL on my phone’s calendar and be able to request an appointment on my friend’s calendar app (and his/her calendar app checks if we are “friends”/contacts first). Facebook can’t do it because the only successful APIs on the internet are open ones.

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