Facebook Flinches… And Some Creative Hypergrowth Companies

Risk could not be more on. I continue to just try and enjoy the ride.

In a normal bull market, Facebook gapping down 5 percent (which it did on news I will see more posts from distant cousins versus fake Russian cousins) would cause some dislocation.

In this bull market, it means Twitter rises 5 percent and the Nasdaq rises too.

This is the biggest boom the world has ever seen.

Yesterday, the Microcap index broke out to all time highs.

Today the biotech index also broke to all-time highs.

Crypto? …well you know!


Team Stocktwits has the ‘highlights page on the web and in the app if you want to check it once a day in the morning or after the markets. There is just no faster and visual place to get some ideas and see whats moving.

I spent this week in New York and Toronto talking to as many crypto and blockchain fanatics as I could and basically I fell further behind.

One new cool thing about this stretch of the boom are companies exploding in growth that are not buying growth on Google or Facebook.

This story on the ‘magic’ rapid rise of @HQtrivia, which does not even have a web page, is a great read and a hopeful sign of some creative and cool apps that could be coming.

Next, I am blown away by the way Binance ($bnb.x on Stocktwits) which did an ICO and used tokens to create demand for their crypto exchange. They are now the fastest growing profitable unicorn in history.

New marketing attacks and hacks to the social growth systems and for the first time in a while, marketing and customer acquisition money out of the Google, Facebook marketing clutches.

Bad if you are long Facebook today, but good if you are a founder with a good product trying to create a plan to grow creatively.

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