Facebook Won Attention…so did Tencent (WeChat)…BUT…

I still rarely use Facebook. 

I don’t have the mobile app on my phone. 

I do check it from search after I post something and want to check engagement. I spend a minute catching up on whatever is at the top of my feed. 

I am in a tiny minority. It feels wierd to be in such a minority in daily use.

There are many ‘Howie’s’ in China as well be that don’t give Tencent the credit it deserves in its war with Alibaba

Here is the latest USA attention chart I came across on my stream:

Nothing but scraps for the rest of us. 

The Twitter bulls, and there are less of them all the time, will point out that live video attention is up for grabs. 

I won’t argue but I doubt Twitter’s 10 plus year old  platform is built for that eventual war and race. 

Furthermore, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, TV and even a reorganized Buzzfeed want that same attention too. 

I don’t give enough credit to all the Facebook bulls that just saw this coming. The fantastic thing about the stock market is you can put your time behind one platform and your money on another and win two ways. 

I’m not sure if it’s too late or just the beginning which is also one of the great things  about the stock market.