Facebook’s World …

I’m pretty blown away by this attention and penetration graphic I saw last night from Comscore.

Assuming the numbers are mostly right it is game, set and match for Facebook for the next few years. 

Applying my chart reading skills to this and extrapolating my own belief that video and voice play a bigger role in the coming years that only Snapchat has a chance to put a big dent in the Facebook attention monopoly. 

First off congrats to the Facebook longs. So many smart people have missed this trend looking at the wrong numbers. 

I wrote a few weeks ago that I’m finally a huge fan of Snapchat. If it was a stock I would be long today. It’s also obvious why the other networks have been punished by the stock markets. 

Maybe Pinterest can also separate from the pack with the right product moves as well but I  don’t feel it. 

It’s interesting in a Facebook world that their biggest bet is a virtual world.  I don’t get it and I’m not betting on it but it won’t surprise me to see them use their attention control to make us goggle up.