Faith, Fear, Fair and the Stock Market

Faith is dumb, Fear is good and Fair is for kids.

Most people invest with complete faith in the opinions of others, no fear of losing everything and/or a belief that the stock market is for ‘mugs’.

Thank goodness.

I have always thought the stock market was the fairest way to invest. The dumbest money has a chance and the smartest money can vote with their pocket book.

When I invest with faith, I am f#@*ked. The ‘Fly’ says this on faith :

Okay, imagine you were in the street and some asshole came up to you and said “yo, don’t touch that mailbox over there, it has cancer on it.” Now, would you go over to said mailbox and touch it? If so, that means you have faith in that asshole not knowing what the BLEEP he was talking about. If you avoided the mailbox, for fear of contracting a most heinous form of cancer, your faith would be placed with the asshole, who apparently is “in the know” on such forms of infectious cancer.

When I invest with fear, I have a chance. A little bit of Fear…like ‘Greed’…is GOOD!

When I learned to invest knowing that fair was not part of the equation, I began to actually enjoy it.

To truly succeed at the stock market or anything you do, you need to suit up, show up and stay in the game. You need a routine. A long-time reader and commenter on my site Ivanhoff says it best :

When you have the same daily routine for a prolonged period of time, you become a specialist in what you are doing. Specialist is someone who is more productive that the average person in performing certain task. When you look for the same setup every day, gradually you will learn how to recognize quickly the combination of market conditions that will increase the probability of success. You will refine your entry and exit points and become better at risk management.

Random following of biased opinions will not get you too far in the investing business. Opinions do not make money consistently, setups do.

Off to check the all-time high lists and send annoying e-mails to the Stocktwits team….


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