Fake News CNBC Style 

Here is a summary of the markets for 2016 on CNBC:

January—-  😳😩😡😱📢

December—  💊💪🎈🎉🇺🇸💰

While CNBC ‘entertained’ many companies gained traction with the next generation of investors. 

I am proud of our Stocktwits team and Social Leverage’s financial services portfolio companies that focus on making the markets easier to understand and participate in. 

In 2017 Stocktwits will continue to do so much aggregating and curating of our user generated community content. 

Our curated daily emails have been well received and our new Money Badger is off to a great start. 

Business news is important. Here is Marc Andreessen on the subject from a recent interview:

 “Business journalism ought to do extremely well . . . [people need to] know what’s going on.” But “for general news people want their biases and prejudices confirmed”. He goes on to advise the FT to ditch print entirely.

Financial and business news should not be entertainment. 

In 2017 business television will really see and feel the pain. I have seen a bunch of plans from talented teams the last 6 months reimagining financial and business news for the next generation of savers, traders and investors.