Fanium – The Future of Fantasy Football is Here… and it’s Mobile.

It is a great day for Fanium and Grant Gurtin the founder.

Grant is the youngest CEO we have ever backed at Social Leverage. He cold called me a few years back now while still a student at Brown and wanted to take me to lunch to pitch me on Stocktwits for Sports (Fantasy Sports specifically).

Grant knew everything about Fantasy Sports and sports websites as a web native and sports fanatic. Chris Dixon just wrote about the idea maze and for this type of app, Grant really had a feel for the landscape. I could not resist and after lunch committed to a rare pre product investment. Since lunch :) , Grant has been hustling up a team, a product (a few iterations and pivots), investors and finishing school. He is now back at home in La Jolla as well.

Today, Fanium Fantasy Football released the first all mobile fantasy football game for iPhone and Android. This launch is being accompanied by a promotional rap song and video directed by Patrice Wilson, the man responsible for hits such as Friday and Thanksgiving. That’s Grant in the tub. He went for it.

Fanium’s free app provides up-to-the-second Twitter updates from beat writers and fantasy experts, a mobile draft that runs based on push notifications, and avatars that can be unlocked for reaching various benchmarks. The app was built by fans of fantasy football who were dissatisfied with the experiences offered by Yahoo, ESPN, and other players in the space, and wanted to propel fantasy football forward to the mobile age.

Fanium will run on any iOS device running iOS6 or higher and any Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. Players can immediately sign in, invite friends via Facebook or Twitter to a private league, and start drafting. Feel free to go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download Fanium to your device, create a league, and give it a try!

Feedback here is welcome as Grant will be listening in.


  1. Jason says:

    Howard I am working on a similar project CoachCue[dot]com. Much like Fanium I want to create a Stocktwits for the Fantasy sports community. Or as you once said, a Twitter vertical, for fantasy sports. Please take a look at the site, I would the love opportunity to collaborate in some fashion. Thanks

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