Fannie ‘Freaking’ Mae…We Make Your Failure Seem Like Winning!

It’s that exciting time again when Fannie Mae tells us just how much they suck.


FIVE billion!

Ugh. [email protected]#k. Toow (Woot in reverse). Doink. Kapow!

Fannie Mae is relentless in their ability to suck. They have managed to tarnish the word ‘failure’.

In 2008, the Dow would open at Zero tomorrow.

The reality is, the world is not ready to end and Fannie Mae is a backseat to Italy and Greece. The reality is Greece and Italy will be a backseat to _______ in 6 months.

The reality is the Nasdaq is at 10 year highs and Marc Andreesen’s forhead is 3 inches longer.

Silicon Valley continues to scale because ‘ideas‘ are being socialized, financed and leveraged globally.

Wall Street continues to go backwards because ‘opinion’s‘ are being leveraged by the few and losses socialized by the many.

The trade continues to be long Silicon Valley and short Wall Street until this changes…and/or long Gold I guess :) .


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  2. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    How do you go long Silicon Valley, though? The “old guard” – $AAPL, $GOOG, $YHOO, $HPQ – are profitable but volatile. The big startups like Facebook haven’t done their IPOs so the only way you can expose yourself to them is to invest in the investment banks that are bringing them to market.

    Timing is everything, as they say, but I like $INTC, $IBM and a few other well-managed IT businesses more than Silicon Valley or Nasdaq as a whole.

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