Farts – No bear markets…AND Product Placement in Videos Done Well

I wrote about Acceptable TV la few weeks back and liked the whole concept . They already seem to be cranking now that the VH1 TV juice is kicking in.

Today, Fred was posting about them. Turns out he is friends with one of the founder/creator’s – Fred Graver . National Lampoon, David Letterman, Cheers. Sweet resume.

Anyways, check out this hysterical show…’Who Farted’. I am a sucker for fart ideas. Sorry.

Fave Line – “Wheelchair guy…It would have been muffled!”

Good land for Revver by the way as well.

Disclosure – Long Natural Gas :)


  1. JImK says:

    Very funny! though one hurricane hitting just right this summer and we’ll be heating our homes with farts next winter up here in the northeast.

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