Fashology All-Time Highs…and Fat Nixon Sold His Apple Stock in 2014

I am in Amsterdam today for the Secfi board meeting. I love working with the team (sneak peek of Wouter the founder)…

It’s a typical rainy day but still my favorite town to visit in Europe. Here is my view at the moment…

I took a rare day off from the blog yesterday as I was in transit and planned poorly.

I’ve been on the road now for 12 days and have lived with three brands…$LULU, $NKE and $AAPL (My Fashology stocks). It really is amazing how light you can travel in this era.

Yesterday Nike, LULU and Apple all closed at or near all-time highs (I own all three). Few people predicted Apple would hit an all-time high this year (myself included). The stock closed yesterday at $230 and began the year at $140. That is a market cap increase of nearly $400 billion and just barely second to Microsoft as the largest company in the world.

My friend Charlie had the killer stats on Apple today. Apple is up over 56,000% since its IPO in 1980, an annualized return of 17.7%. More importantly though…here are the historical drawdowns you would’ve had to stomach to achieve these returns…

Holding great stocks is not easy. Even since the iPod and big comeback starting in 2004, the stock has had FIVE massive drawdowns.

One person who continues to get Apple wrong is Fat Nixon.

Here he was selling his stock in 2014:

He also thought his China tariffs would hurt them.

Seems like Tim Apple is having the last laughs for now having played the ‘Orange Julius’ like a Ukarainian tipster.