Faster, Faster, Faster…How Max Will Beat Me at Golf by September

I have been playing golf since I was 11. I really loved the game as a kid in Toronto and lucky to play at Donalda Golf Club, a fantastic place. I know am fortunate to love the game again with my son max and some new golf buddies.

Bill Morrison was my teacher. The season was short and most of the year I would hit from a mat into a net. No video equipment, no 3d feedback, no iPhone with video and apps to work on your swing by yourself all day. It was just Bill helping me understand the swing and hitting balls.

We had rock hard Top Flites, Persimmon Woods, Jan Stephenson puin ups, 2 irons and Golf Digest. Flash forward to today and I am a pretty solid 8, but I can’t see my game getting much better. Maybe a 5-6 if I really worked on my short game. I have the best equipment, best golf balls and access to great pro’s if I ever need a lesson, but basically my game is as good as it will get.

This January I joined San Diego Country Club and Max really took up the game. Six months later he has carded an 83. He’s a 13 handicap. He’s unhappy with an 86. It’s not an easy course. My best is 77. Max has unbelievable instincts and swing speed already. It’s not mechanical at all. His coach Brian is a master ball striker and somehow has taught Max the swing and not the ‘hit’. He texted me this picture last week and I beamed.

Holding The Finish - Golf Max

Max is just starting to grow so I imagine much will change in the next 6-12 months both physically and mentally, but today he is improving exponentially. He has the good fortune of year round golf, a great course to learn at and a delightful coach, but he also is leveraging his networks and technology to go so damn fast it is frightening.

He’s surfing Ebay for equipment and deals;

He is using the web to understand the technology of ball flight and spin. The knowledge has made him fearless of tinkering and experimentation.

He’s using YouTube to devour swing thoughts and golf shots from the experts;

He’s playing with unbelievably great amateurs who are offering mentorship and the right competition;

He’s got Xbox to see all the great courses and build the perfect player….this is all great for visualitazion;

He is attending Nike golf camp for two weeks.

Yesterday, Max hit his first par 5 in two. He had an eagle putt and I got to film it with Instagram Video.

Choked on his first Eagle putt on 14 at SDCC by @howardlindzon

He did make the comebacker for birdie. In fact, he rammed it home. I was so glad.

As with everything, I am out to play golf with intensity, but to have fun. My friends and I are relentless with the ribbing and gamesmanship. Max needs to have a great attitude and I have taken that part of the game on as my job.

I hope he will be able to appreciate the memories as much as I am having chronicling them. By the end of the summer we will be playing different games. He at 14, me at 48. It does not suck at all.


  1. JasonRaznick says:

    Yeah, it wasn’t the best putt, but at least Max went for it, so I’d say not a choke. Way to go after it Max!

  2. Cheesefries says:

    Keep the North South Junior amateur at Pinehurst on your radar. Great story in the making.

    There’s no better game to share with a son. It’s a lifetime of memories. Have a great time!

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