Fear and Greed are UPON US…That's Good

The chimp weasels at Citibank are providing another shot at a weak bottom here. They are in real fear accepting this bid from Wilma and Betty.

Funds with big gains going into November, happy that October was easy and the rest of the year would therefore be cake, are all of a sudden trying to protect their bonuses. Greedy weasels are wimping out protecting their greedy gains at the wrong time.

This is the kind of behavior that creates tradeable bottoms. Catching this knife could cause pain if you are early though. I am glad to have sold my Spyders (blogged it) into the close friday.

I would love a big gap down, but the market rarely makes it easy. Probably an up open, and a woosh. If that happens, I have my buy list that I will try with a fixed amount of capital.