Federal Express Uses StockTwits on the Earnings Call and Social IR Continues to Evolve

When we launched The StockTwits Investor Relations Suite, we knew we were ahead of the curve.

Social media is a new medium for corporate communications and, while it has the potential to improve information sharing and interaction immensely, these things take time.

The suite offers a real time communications and infomration exchange platform enabling public companies to inform, interact with and monitor a huge number of investors across the globe.

More recently and as public companies catch on, StockTwits SocialIR is gaining momentum. We recently signed a deal with PRNewswire integrating StockTwitsIR functionality into PRNewswire’s Capital Markets 365 Program.

In addition, a growing number of companies such as LinkedIn, Dell, Intel and eBay have made great use of StockTwitsIR broadcasting features, especially around earnings, live messaging earnings details as well as responding to questions coming directly from the StockTwits community.

Last week, Federal Express mentioned StockTwits on its earnings call asking for questions from a much broader set of investors listening to the call.

From the transcript of the $FDX call via Mickey Foster, VP, IR:

Joining us on the call today are members of the media. During our question-and-answer session, callers will be limited to one question in order to allow us to accommodate all those who would like to participate. If you are listening to the call through our live webcast, feel free to submit your questions via email or as a message on StockTwits.com. For example, please include your full name and contact information with your question and send it to [email protected] address.

To send a question via StockTwits.com, please be sure to include the $FDX in the message. Preference will be given to enquiries of a long-term strategic nature.

Inviting questions via StockTwits directly on the earnings call makes perfect sense and is a natural use case for the platform.

It opens up earnings related questions to a much wider group than the traditional small set of analysts and largest only investors in a real time format as the call is occurring.

Well done FedEx!


StockTwitsIR facilitates one click broad distribution of information by companies not only on StockTwits, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook but to a large and growing list of content distribution partners as well essentially bringing corporate news, information and links everywhere investors are looking for information.

StockTwits distributes messages across StockTwits.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook as well as a large and growing list of content distribution partners including Yahoo Finance, Reuters, CNN Money, MSN Money, Bloomberg, Globe and Mail, MarketSmith, TheStreet and the list of partners is growing
StockTwits enables one click message distribution across a variety of platforms and a growing list of large content distribution partners.


Hat Tip to Ezra Marbach who gave us the heads up and wrote a fine piece on $FDX’s use of StockTwits on its conference call.