Feeling Toppy…Will Apple Continue to Spur The 'Inconcevable Rally'

It has been quite a run.

Some leaders have had their first crack in a while…Baidu $BIDU Green Mountain $GMCR as well as Goldman and Google. That said, semiconductor stocks and Salesforce.com have been relentless. My fave stock has been $IMAX and it has delivered. I feel like selling all of it now.

The SEC is in battle mode and that really came out of the blue.

While Apple growth is relentless, it is eating into other leaders.

Oil is expensive and it feels much higher.

I have been very bullish the last few months on my shows and my blog. Many long ideas and winners, but I am done adding new positions for now.

I think Apple delivers some insane numbers tonight, but I don’t feel the stock is worth the risk/reward. The iPad is just ok to me. That said, the iPhone gets to be more and more embedded in my daily routine.

Lot’s of crosscurrents as you can tell and it feels like a great time to reign in my investments.

It’s fun to be small and able to deploy again. Selling is not a dirty word.

Disclosure – Long $aapl $amzn $imax and $gmcr (today)


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