It’s Feels Good to Be Appreciated…

The March 30th Stocktoberfest schedule of speakers and fireside chats is now live (scroll down). I am really proud of this lineup. Most importantly, the evening ‘Cashtag’ awards should be a fantastic party and celebration of the social financial web. If you are in NYC and you like stocks and markets…please join us. Taylor Becker and Pierce Crosby did a hell of a job organizing a big event in the big city.


I got a very nice compliment from WSJ Technology columnist Chris Mims the other day on my markets riff:

This is the densest, funniest, most wonderfully manic commentary on our current tech/financial bubble I’ve yet read

I write for myself but it feels great to have professionals appreciate it. Thanks Chris.

A few months ago Entrepreneur magazine reached out to profile me for their magazine. It’s like the People Magazine for entrepreneurs and I was thrilled with the ask. Nancy Miller, the author of the story, has followed my blog a long time and really did a nice job curating the interview down to some of the big wins. I shared some of the ugly, but they stuck with some of the big wins. In essence, I love to start companies, I love Stocktwits, early stage investing, my partners at Social Leverage and the entrepreneurs that make the magic happen. I am excited that both Mike Lazerow and Brett Wilson will be sitting for fireside chats at Stocktoberfest to talk about investing and the trends they see themselves, now that they are moving up and on.

Nancy really nailed me in the opening:

Howard Lindzon is an irreverant buzz machine who powers through wall-to-wall- meetings on five milligrams of Adderall.

The full article is here:

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