Finally a Cycling Investment

I got a cold email pitch recently that led to me leading a round from our fund Social Leverage

Obviously it was a good pitch deck. It was also a good first Zoom call.

The cover letter was excellent. It was short, to the point and the founders knew I liked cycling (we had never met).

I will be a long time repeat customer which is always important (at least to me). I want this product.

Here is the cover page for the deck:

No, it is not a Strava competitor, but yes I am so thrilled to be making our first investment in the cycling space (fashology).

The founders have deep domain experience and have some scars from a previous self funded start-up that COVID brought to its knees.

I asked the husband and wife team to come to San Diego to meet Gary, Tom and I because I am still a face to face person. They immediately flew down from San Francisco to my house to make that happen. Tom flew out for the day from Phoenix.

I love every part of my job as an investor but I like this part at the beginning the best. We like being the lead check and the first check. We like interesting founder stories and the weird paths of connection.

I am excited for the product lunch and being able to tell everyone more.