Financial Hackers, The FED, Dallas Mavericks, Entourage and Stocktwits with Mark Cuban

It’s true…billionaires smile better.

When I sat down to chat with Mark Cuban recently in his office at the Mavs Arena, Mark gave me so much freedom and time that we were not sure how to run the whole interview.

He was EXTREMELY trusting and open and of course frank about so many topics I am passionate about that editing became super important to Jon and I.

I learned a shitload and enjoyed the hell out of it so I hope you enjoy it too.


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  4. denali92 says:

    Did not know much about him, so I came away very impressed – does sound like he has a lot of fun, but also serious smarts and drive!


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  6. Adrian Meli says:

    Love Mark. He has been incredibly successful mutliple times, but the smartest thing he has ever done by far is hedge that Yahoo stock. Very creative guy with very good ideas. Had never heard the story of exactly how he hedged so thought that was very interesting! – Adrian Meli

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  8. Guest says:

    awesome interview howard! thanks for this as usual. you mention mentoring in there, and that’s the big thing i think all of us get from all these great video interviews you’re doing and sharing w/ us. hope you keep it up.

    hoping a big 2011 for stocktwits

  9. nickfenton says:

    Good stuff Howard! A lot of people hate on Mark Cuban, but I’ve always had love for him. Dude’s a genius, plain & simple. You have to respect genius.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this will come in future videos but was there any more follow up or interaction on Mark’s view that Stocktwits is essentially the fantasy basketball of finance with the implication that it is for entertainment rather than a basis for investing real money? (not trying to be an *ss, I am a fan of stocktwits)

    • Mark has strong opinions we thought about it and we showed them. he thinks
      people will end up with thier ass in the air as we quoted. i dont think its
      black or white. we provide the best tools and focus our best efforst on
      people sharing ideas and not words like MUST buy or explode or destroyed.
      opinions are like assholes, , diarizing and ideaas are fine infineoeum….

      I may not have asked and it may be on cutting floor but I think Mark as I
      think people should invest in their passion, mainly themselves.

      • Dave Pinsen says:

        You did the right thing by showing them. And frankly, you two didn’t seem that far apart on the issue. In rocky markets, a lot of people will end up with their ass in the air regardless. If some investors benefit from its premium tools or find a few good ideas on the stream, then StockTwits has added value.

      • Hannah Tran says:

        Didn’t Mr Cuban do a bit of insider trading? Also, blogging about start-up companies he’s invested in, pumping them up, and then dumping them? How is Mark Cuban ideas any good for free market capitalism? His actions don’t really represent his words or beliefs that he blogs about.

    • Dave Pinsen says:

      To put Cuban’s comments in perspective, it’s worth noting that he thinks most retail investors would be better off not investing in stocks, because he believes you should only invest when you have an information advantage, and most retail investors don’t have one. He was blogging about that long before StockTwits started, so his comments in the interview are, I think, not so much a reflection on StockTwits per se as an extension of Cuban’s long-held views.

  11. BeachO says:

    There is this thing called the iPad and iPhone. People watch videos on them. They are super popular and millions use them. Your video doesn’t play on them.

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  13. raznick says:

    You know I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile as you gave me sneak peek some time ago. Well, I have to say it was worth the wait!

    I learned a ton and among many other tidbits, I enjoyed hearing how he met w Goldman to work on his yahoo hedge & how so many people thought he was dumb to put it on.

    Also, interesting to hear that the Mavs looked at LeBron, but it couldn’t find a way to take all 3 players.

  14. Dave Pinsen says:

    Great interview, Howard. In addition to being a brilliant entrepreneur and investor, Cuban is consistently entertaining. He also offered a unique take on Steve Jobs toward the end of the interview.

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