Financial Leverage is Cool Again…and The Donald Trump Snub, Pump and Dump

Financial Leverage is back. So is berating people, snubbing and inside information.

Bank of America is the new Facebook.

United Airlines is the new Google.

The Coal ETF is the new Tesla.

British Petroleum is….well at least that stock still sucks.

I can’t think of two worse ‘brands’ in such incredibly important industries as United Airlines and Bank of America.

At the same time Nike is being crushed and it feels like Donald Trump will be tweeting about their Chinese sweat shops at any moment.

But, as I say…the markets could care less how I feel.

I think a little berating is good for this nation because we have been coddled for way too long. I own two millennials so I know coddling. I think the snub is a great tool. I may myself start snubbing a bit more in 2017.

BUT, one thing we do not need more of is inside information.

I believe the markets are rigged but I think it is a bad time to let things get too lax on the wink and the pump and dump.

I believe strongly that the Donald Trump presidency will be one of major neglect and higher rates and all time highs in sleazy inside information. So far, it’s all good in stock markets and I would love to be wrong as I am long.

Donald Trump is using Twitter for the exact same reasons I thought Twitter would get used for in 2008…talking public stocks. The problem is that Donald has too much power to move markets and it is impossible for those close to him to not act greedy.

Supporters will argue that this happens anyway. It’s lazy thinking and lazy

It does not matter whether our president is flat the market, he should not be publicly trashing brands from the top of Twitter mountain.

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