Finger CRACK – Research in Motion (RIMM) is Back on Wallstrip

It’s great. It has no peers for mobile email and design. The phone sucks. The 8800 is getting rave reviews from my friends (Cingular sucks and will always suck) . The phone will still suck. Oh well.

It’s finger crack on Wallstrip !

Our manhhod can be challenged in a ‘crackberry’ typing race. There is no way my busy friends would show up to discuss the iPod or Vista on such short notice or under such goofy terms. I was doomed when I found out that spelling was a component of the scoring system.

We wanted the stock and trading community to be better represented than just me and invited James Altucher . He is a ‘crackberry’ PLAYA (according to him :) ) and he was missed. Maybe bext time. Bijan was ‘icy’ gooood.

BTW – The official Kiss of Death on the stock and this market may have come from some yutz analyst at RBC who upgraded RIMM to OUTPERFORM just yesterday before the stocks and market were obliterated. I have downgraded RBC to asshats and asstards (thanks FLY).


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    i think all wireless headsets are stupid. rather have a cord hanging from my ear.

    i will never get used to using one.

  2. candice says:

    They do come in smaller and less annoying packages. The normal ones hurt my ears.

    That said, all -my- crackberry addict friends carry phones too.

    Would you, at some point during the 80s with a vcr with a stupid cord for the remote, have said the same thing about cords then?

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