Fintech and Falafel

I am off to Tel Aviv next Friday on my now yearly November trip to Israel.

I asked my friend Ronen, a founder of Etoro, to help organize the first ever ‘Fintech and Falafel’ event for investors and fintech founders.

Here are the details.

This year I am heading over as the Nasdaq continues to romp to all-time highs.

Back in 2014, Yoni Assia, Ronen’s brother and co-founder of Etoro, was calling for Nasdaq 10,000.

I will be following up on this discussion with him in a fireside chat at the event. Yoni is famous (with me at least) for telling me to buy Bitcoin back at 12 cents. He did buy $50,000 worth for Etoro back in the early days which is now held on Etoro’s books for $20 million.

I may not have bought Bitcoins, but I was smart enough to invest in the Assia brothers and Etoro.

Most importantly, the falafel should be fantastic.

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