Fintech Week – The Language Of The Markets

I love this investment quote from Jim O’Shaunnesy:

The new investors of today will have some of the greatest investing tools of all time at their fingertips from the moment they make their first investment, but like every investor and trader before them will need to learn the language of the markets to succeed.

As I mentioned on the blog Monday, tens of millions of new investors are being onboarded to the world of investing and trading over the last few years.

From the hundreds of apps I have seen in the app store to the tens of new ones I have been pitched in just the last few months (yet to launch or just launched), millions more will be onboarded in the next 2-5 years.

It will be up to some current startups and some ones that will be launched to train this next generation of investors.

When I started investing in my late teens, the systems were archaic. Research was all paper driven and information was old by the time I was reading it.

It was expensive to invest and trade so you learned by watching not doing.

Today everyone is learning by doing.

By doing you fail. By failing you learn.

It has never been easier to learn by doing. Its frictionless, its cheaper and it can be mentor/network/groups/friend driven which speeds up the learning process.

New investors today can make hundreds of trades and investments with the smallest denominations and zero costs which makes learning by doing possible. They can do this while they have two full time jobs because of the smartphone.

I am seeing the GIF’s, the tweets, and the Instagram Stories of both trades gone well and trades gone bad.

I am extremely bullish on this next generation of investors. They will not look or sound like the grizzled investing and trading veterans that I see in my streams today.

PS – Congrats to Apple and their shareholders.

I think $245 BILLION in cash is the number from this report that just makes my head explode.

The revenues were up 17 percent year over year. Here are a longer list of highlights curated from the streams of Stocktwits.

Way back in 2006, I created Wallstrip and the first show me made was about Apple. I was so sure the stores would push Apple so much higher over the years. With Apple on the verge of $1 trillion, it is fun to look back. Here is the show:

The stores will continue to drive Apple’s stock price over the next 10 years, but Apple has another revenue line that should also help increase their multiple as well…subscription revenue.

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