Financial stocks are exploding.

Goldman Sachs has finally joined the S&P all-time high party. The devil has no timeline.

In December, I explained why I was long the ‘Vampire Squid’.

I was wrong about their lending product Marcus (I did not think they could trick the public), which CB Insights says is the fastest lender to reach $1 billion…

It would be great if we could as a nation run this balance up to $100 billion and than tell Goldman to pound sand!

This weekend Barron’s jumped on the Goldman bandwagon.

In a long bull market like this, we all end up owning the exact same assets and doing business with the people/corporations we swore never to do business with.

For the time being…green, not greed, is good.

PS – If you are interested in fintech, you will enjoy this FREE CB Insights research report.

Have a great week.

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