First They Came For Your Crypto…

Before I get into it…this made me smile:

Now to the markets…

Ramp Capital summed up this weekend of crypto and NCAA Basketball pretty well:

My bracket is more rekt than my dad’s crypto portfolio

REKT is a real crypto term…so is HODL. No wonder the money is being taken away!

Sadly for millennials, this crash is happening at the same time that Avocado prices are surging

The ‘millennial crypto’ bear market is really happening. In January, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies and tokens passed $800 billion. Today it dropped below $280 billion.

I have no idea when the bear market ends, though I did start buying back some Ethereum below $600 and $500 this weekend.

The big question is whether this crypto bear spreads to stocks.

Take a look at the Russell Microcap Index which is at all-time highs:

Risk remains on, just very mobile.

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