FLY – he has the real word on CNBC…

The FLY has a great blog for traders Fly On Wall Street that want lots of posts, ideas, video, and a dash of music.

This is a CLASSIC post and link word to CNBC. He is the market they should and could be after. Don’t just take the CNBC ripping from me. Here it is:

“What exactly does the term “trade up” or “game on” mean anyway? I suppose some 50 year old marketing genious at CNBC made up those terms in order to appeal to the younger, yet poorer, demographic.


As for the site:

If you enjoy watching Dylan, Maria, Bob and the rest of the gang try really hard to “make you money,” and make your fucking head explode– now you get to see them on the web. Great news for those who care to “trade up.”

He is funny too. I am going to blogroll him, but for his humor and attitude and devotion to blogging. I do not look at or follow his trading so have no opinion on that.


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