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Lot’s of questions and emails about trading and the markets so if a few hundred of you sign up for Twitter and get involved, I will start using it as a think out loud community tool for investing. I do now, but I would like to use it more as I think the market is going to be wild for a while. I would rather ‘twit’ the few bigger trading ideas I do than blog them and read a good stream of yours. Faster and timelier for everyone.

Back in May when I signed up, I said the same thing . The product is still primarily used for nerds for shameless promotion and I got tired of ‘twittering’ from bathrooms. I kept dropping my blackberry in the toilet when peeing as well. In a tough tape Twitter, it has utility. I want streaming market updates from people I trust, not a link to a post talking about web 2.0.

It will take you 30 seconds.

Andy, Phil, Dr. Brett and others are great market ‘twits’ I follow. Too many nerds talking about absolutely nothing and it’s time we create a useful stream for the tool. I wish Fred, Dick, Bijan and the rest of the VC community used it more for that than just random thoughts and updates. I am glad to check in on twitter once a day for catching up on my smartypant dudes and friends, but not leave it on live.

Don’t be lazy and if you sign up, don’t overtwitter either.


  1. Eddie says:

    this seems almost like i would work way better with like ichat on phones. where you can have group threads and conversations. Can you have conversations on twitter of is it just random? i know nothing about twit. youre trying to think of a way to shrink the world for investing, right?

  2. bocagirl says:

    I must have ESP because I signed up for Twitter yesterday as “boca”. Hope to have time to figure it out and send my first twitter tomorrow.

    Stock Twits, yep, that’s the kind of social club that would have me as a member.

  3. callidus says:

    Would it be possible to lurk as a twitter? I’m afraid my contribution would be very limited but I’d like to follow the twits (?).

  4. greenskeptic says:

    I think that’s “annon” with two n’s…

    Glad you aren’t blogging from bathrooms any more…I was beginning to worry about your prostate.

  5. tokintrader says:

    Now, every caveman is on it … is basically what I say regarding an open twitter community for trading/investing.

    fwiw, perhaps not much :)

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