Who Do I follow on Stocktwits and How to Get Started?

Stocktwits grew bigly and fastly in 2016. Our CEO Ian Rosen wrote a year end update letter to our users. Some of the metrics that matter most:

In 2016 we added:

22 million new messages and trade ideas
32 thousand new broker connections
143 thousand trades made
$86 million new dollars in connected broker accounts

In 2016, the total audience and message volume for StockTwits.com grew by 40%, which is remarkable considering our size and that StockTwits does almost no paid marketing. This growth comes from you and your friends (and maybe our Cashtag shirts?) – and by staying the premier community for investors and traders.

That’s more than 87 thousand messages per trading day, and over 200 messages per minute when the markets are open.

Also during 2016, we surpassed $100m in connected assets and added more brokerages so you can trade directly where you spend your time – in StockTwits – and you did just that, hundreds of thousands of times.

Our growth is great but much like Twitter, it is not easy to get people to the ‘aha’ moment and addiction quickly. That is our first focus for 2017.

I think every investor and trader can use Stocktwits daily and benefit.

At the most basic level everyone should have a watchlist. I keep it under 50 stocks which I believe gives me a great feel for the markets. If you go to the website and check my Stocktwits profile you can see which stocks I follow.

The number one question I get asked by friends and Stocktwits users is WHO do I follow?

Here is how I use Stocktwits…

First off, I use Stocktwits web much differently than Stocktwits mobile. Overall, I follow thousands of people because I like to get a feel for the markets and I believe Stocktwits provides a great read of ‘sentiment’. Over the years I have my way of reading the pulse of the markets through my very busy feed.

But, I keep a very curated mobile notification list of people/sources whose messages show on my mobile devices. The list is made up of longtime Stocktwits contributors with a wide range of styles. The contribution pace of the people on the list varies from once a week to once an hour.

My goal is a mobile Stocktwits feed that keeps me up on major market moving news, great links across a wide range of industry and market topics and of course ideas from people with different styles that keep opinion at bay. I am focused on keeping a stream of mobile notifications that keep me updated on my portfolio and watchlist as well as a steady stream of ideas and market updates from people I trust.

In no particular order:

ME of course… @howardlindzon


Ok you get the drill on how to do this so here is the rest of my mobile noitification list:


I hope this is a good starting point for most. I will keep updating quarterly.

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