Forget the Predictions…What Am I Doing Now…and Diversification is for Wealthy, Retired People.

All that really matters is what I own now, when will I sell and what I am looking at. I covered lessons I have learned and will continue to do so. I have made my predictions for 2013. But, tomorrow my positions will get punched in the face and I never invest with my ears pinned back betting on my predictions.

I flesh things out on my blog and in the streams as best I can than I dive into trends that I believe can continue and manage the risk as best I can.

At the moment, I own $GOOG $AMZN, $AAPL,$LNKD $AZPN, $CYBX $CSOD, $NKE, $INTU, Spain, Italy, $Z $ADBE $LOCK (went public). Stocks are about 25-30 percent of my total portfolio at the moment. I think that will edge close to 50 percent at points during the year. The rest is cash and startups. Outside the funds I manage, which have most of my investable assets, our money is in our home and saving for kids college and emergencies in health.

As always, when I add a stock or let one go, the place to see it in real-time is on Stocktwits. That is where I flesh things out every day in real-time.

For the first year in 10, I have someone helping me out a little bit with Lindzon Capital…@ivanhoff. Ivan has been helping me think about trends and momentums since he started at Stocktwits and is now posting a daily ‘Momentum Wrap’ here on my blog to go along with our weekly ‘Stocktwits 50‘.

We are giving away our playbook as best we can because it is proven to make us smarter and accountable to ourselves.

As for investing outside of stocks, 2013 will mostly be about growing Stocktwits. I live and breathe it 24/7/365 and I love my job. A big part of my job beyond making sure we have a sustainable business is thinking about the future. When I look at entrepreneurs and start-ups I focus on areas that will make me smarter about our business and my philosophies around vertical communities and deep knowledge bases. I am not too old to learn new tricks, I DON”T WANT TO. The next 10 years are about dominating domain experience.

The tools of today have created a new era of domain experience potential like never before. We are plugged in if we want to be and invest wisely. Bijan Sabet, a great investor (Twitter, Tumblr) had a great post yesterday on Social Graphs…read it.

The biggest takeaway is that I am not really diversified. I don’t want to be. I am all in on Stocktwits and the companies I invest in which in a sense are related to Stocktwits.

If I am not diversified, I better be damn good and knowledgeable about my lack of diversification. I am going to say no more than ever in 2013, not because of the market or debt or China or taxes, but because it is hard to find startups with deep domain experience in the undiversified way I want to invest.

I may have to pay more, but the playing field and my age have changed just enough.

Remember… it’s ok to throw down a lot of hands in the life of investing and entrepreneuring, but also important to play out the good hands and lean in when the odds are right.

Happy 2013!

PSS – Update…Forgot to mention I was long $EBAY too.


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  2. Jay H. Mani says:

    You should state that diversification is good for people who don’t have the time, energy and know how of how things really work. the average person can’t simply buy 10-15 stocks and be able to sleep at night. You are good at what you do because of the above. I respect you because you stick to your convictions but you have to realize most investors are no where near your knowledge level. Anyway.. Thanks for being open and good luck in 2013.

    • HI Jay…how can you NOT have toime for your money. There is no in between. If you want to devote zero time, I am for same day of month or quarter dollar cost averaging into two or three growth etfs switching to more stable stuff as you get older….otherwise, find 5-8 great companies and try and ride some trends.

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  4. IntelligentSpec says:

    Great post Howard, thanks for the wishes to you for and everything else:)

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