Fortune Brands – Booze, Balls and Wallstrip

Wallstrip was bassackwards today but we did teach Lindsay how to book tee times on (I am an investor).

Not much you can really say about Fortune Brands (FO). Awesome is one word.

I wish my parents had bought me this stock. I wish I was smart enough to have owned this stock.

I don’t own it. No good reason. This company just has it going on. Even their stock symbol is cool (F.U. would be cooler).

Here is a lifetime chart. Oy.

Fortune Brands is a great example of a growth stock that few people have heard of. There is no reason for this to change. The owners have done very well keeping it their secret.

I would be more inclined to buy this stock down 20-30 percent from it’s highs – despite being a trend follower. It has dropped this much before and resumed its uptrend and will likely do so again. When it does, I can take comfort in the fact that people will be reaching for Jim Beam whisky and golfers will be teeing up their Titleist’s.

I don’t think anybody uses Master Locks anymore – do they?

Disclosure – No position in Fortune Brands and Long


  1. Bill aka NO DooDahs says:

    Master Locks? Got one on the barn! Gotta keep the riding lawnmower and partially disassembled Jeep Cherokee safe!

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