Fortune Magazine – Pathetic

This is an old trend in business financial media, but the patheticnesstliciousness is accelerating. Fortune was once a great read. The magazine has been skimping for a while with thinner, ad filled mags.

This is the new best they can do with headlines….”Facebook’s Got Google Running Scared “. If you think you need major media to make you money, read this crap.

Here is what the Headline is Really Screaming…”Financial Blogs have Fortune Running Scared”. It looks like Perez Hilton is now writing Fortune headlines for TechMeme juice.

I see my friend Matthew at The Globe and Mail agrees .

Facebook is somewhat interesting and I check in every few days and know that SOME kids can’t live without it, but no freaking way is Google scared of Facebook. If they are, it’s Google that’s pathetic.