Fortune on Apple…It's about the Computer! DUH!

No wonder those that invest based on old media headlines are last to the party.

Over at Fortune they are saying Apple has a secret weapon…computers . You think! To be honest, as bad as the healine is, I don’t like seeing it. The point being they are right. Late, but right.

How about this has always been Steve Job’s plan and if he wanted to win tomorrow he would slash prices. Since he will get to 80 plus percent of the home market in 10 years, and will live to 1,000, what’s the rush.

Old news from old media.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Stop reading fortune! What good can come of a magazine that compiles lists about who is the richest guy or the richest company… That’s for kiddies. And sure as hell the editors are still using Windoze. I love my MacBook Pro and soon, anybody still using a regular PC will be waaay behind of state of the art tech and design. Oldest news ever: Evolution is stil going strong. See the share…

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