Fossil, Inc (FOSL) on Wallstrip

This is a store I always walk past and never in.

I am an on and off watch junkie and have never been tempted by a Fossil watch or product for that matter. Count me in the minority based on the stock price. Obviously consumers and money managers are nuts for the company and despite stories of the consumer’s demise, Fossil (FOSL) is trading at all-time highs.

Movado (MOV) has also done extremely well and Oakley is into the watch game too (Wallstripped and recently taken out by Luxottica). The space is hot as companies reach to be global brands.

With a $2 billion market cap, and $1.3 billion in sales, Fossil is not a bitty player.

Here is the Google Finance start page .

So can this great run continue?

Not if this is the future ! If the company keeps focused and continues to deliver products that their loyalists like, there is lot’s of room for growth.

On any major weakness, the brand could be in play. The stock gets very little love in the blogosphere and not much coverage. That’s a good sign considering how long and strong their stock run has been.

I have no passion for Fossil products and will leave it alone. It is definitely Wallstrip worthy and the breakout to all-time highs looks perfect.


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