Fourth of July in Canada…A Pause before the Boom Continues

First of All, Happy 4th everybody. Enjoy. ‘

As for the 4th of July in’s a yawner. Maybe we should attack.

Canada is wide open. Three days and it’s over. But I digress.

Canadian markets were open today so I was checking out the new-high lists up North. Yowza. Unbelievable strength.

Same thing on the All-Time high widget on my blog. Amazing new names available to everybody.

I am definitely adding some names next week from healthcare/biotech, oil and tech. My stock portfolio is over 100 percent long but I have sold down some runners and have some room to invest. I am focusing on these three sectors because of their strength and major buyout frenzy in the spaces. OPTN, DIGE in healthcare were recent buyouts for example.

GSF, BUCY, ESV, NE, ESRX and a longshot VRSN are all on my list to add.

Global Markets continue to trend up too. China, Germany, Russel 2000, and Brazil. I am sure Australia too. All the continents baby!

I would love to write all ‘cocktail party’ smart about rising interest rates, rising oil prices, PE’s and Book Value and Silly Private Equity IPO’s and lagging this and diverging nanocharts and stochastic booya’s representing an impending implosion and ‘bear market’ and coming crash….BUT WHY?

Look at the prices people. We are going higher, save a freak catastrophe (poo poo, salt over my shoulder, fingers and toes crossed).


  1. notreallysure says:

    I spent a couple of days in Canada a few weeks ago. Kinda like it the way it is. If we went up there and took over we might screw it up….Besides, I think their money looks cool.

  2. Rob says:

    I like your GSF and NE picks. I’d check out RIG too; they have a lot of big contracts and faster EPS growth than GSF.

  3. JimKingsland says:

    the next up leg could be explosive with earnings season about to kick in unless OTC derivatives blow up. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m restricted from trading stocks right now because of the media assignment I’ve taken!

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