Fox and CNBC…Do Two Wrongs Make a Right?

I have not watched one second of Fox Business. It’s no offense, just that CNBC for as bad as it is, is what my fingers automatically punch in the remote or what you see on at the gym for a look at tickers in the news.

I was reading somewhere today that has passed which would mean something if not for the fact that this blog has more traffic than (not really, but you get my drift).

Fox will be relentless in the war to grab CNBC viewers. Today I heard from ‘The Admiral’ that he has joined Fox Business. I like the ‘Admiral’. He is no nonsense and right a lot. Here is the NY Times announcement .

He will build an audience there because he has something to say. Lot’s more work for Fox, but Eric did invite me on the show whenever I am the city so they are moving in the right direction :) .