Free Speech … No Such Thing!

Everyone wants ‘Free Speech’, especially assholes. 

Of course I can be an asshole myself. My own ‘free speech’ has probably cost me fortunes that I don’t even know about. I upset people (they tell me) and I’ve upset corporations. 

Every time I blog, tweet, send a StockTwits message, talk to someone on the phone or streets, I have the benefit of free speech without being able to completely measure the cost. 

StockTwits believes in ‘free speech’ but we have ‘house rules’. People love us and hate us. Mostly they just follow the simple rules. Growth makes all of this harder to manage because of the sheer size of people and messages. We just keep trying to do the right thing when we see an a use of ‘house rules’. 

Yesterday Twitter banned this guy Milo. Using my ‘free speech’ here I say he sounds like an asshole. I’m happy Milo had ‘free speech’ on Twitter so I could read a bunch and judge for myself. 

Milo is no dummy. He’s a troublemaker. He was pushing Twitter’s ‘free speech’ buttons and forcing them to make a decision on behavior. They finally did. Now comes the backlash. 

Twitters risk is Milo and pals move on to a new platform and Twitter dies a slow death. Milo won’t. His pals won’t. 

Twitter has always been a privilege not a goddamn right.