FREEDOM – Apple, Google, RIMM and Adobe – What are they tellling us?

The “NEW” Four Horseman (Fab Four) of the Nasdaq – Apple, Google, RIMM and Adobe are all about “Freedom”.

Music anywhere, Information anytime, e-mail ON and video in a flash. The shareholders have voted. They could give a rat’s ass about bandwith companies, chips “inside”, buggy software and the pipes. Those are the establishment now, trying to slow things down and get us to pay more for their old wares.

What will bring the “Fab Four’s” demise – SCREWING WITH THOSE FREEDOMS! It will happen, for one, sooner than the others. The shareholders are fickle. They vote daily. They are the equivalent of DIGG users.

As giddy as all these shareholders feel right now (me included), their future depends on them not tampering with the freedoms their products offer.

I don’t think better products are coming down the pike right now to unseat the “Fab Four”. It is their throne to lose.

All four have the power to screw this up and I expect they will. I won’t predict which one of the four first, but I will predict that it happens to all four. If they were private companies it would happen much later, but the same shareholders that are voting for “Freedom” now will be voting for “MORE PROFITS” in the quarters ahead. They will get what they want and the stock will start going down. The key to getting off these trends is to recognize those changes.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and enjoyed the great freedoms this country provides (let’s face it $8 trades – sweet :) ).


  1. fred says:

    rimm and apple are certainly about products that free you to be mobile but they are also both clinging to a closed system model with the iPod and the Blackberry.

    for now, its working fine. will it work forever? not sure.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    The closed system is such a huge leap above what existed beforehand asnd what competitor’s offer today that it will take a mistake in the short-term for these two to give up their lead.

    Long-term, everybody round trips :)

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