Friday – The Market Catch Up

I have not kept up with the markets during market hours or watched my positions, but it has been a good one for the markets and the few stocks I own.

Oil has fallen almost 8 percent, volume is low on the rally and the bears are saying this rally wont stick – can’t stick! All I know is the bears were STUCK this week. The bears are saying that oil is dropping because of weakening demand. They will be really torched if oil is going down for “the right” reasons (not a slowing economy).

As usual, excellent thought piece on the market by Bill Cara

My insticts still say to tread lightly and my account has mucho cash.

I have sold a little Ebay because it was a bottomfish call and added some XLV to get some healtcare exposure going beside my Ambien play (SNY).

WEBX – I nibbled yesterday. In June, I was looking hard at the online collaboration area and it’s the space I think could trend for a while . Because air travel gets more aggravating and expensive every day AND terrorist threats likely NEVER to stop, the stock acts strong.

It is a real interesting mix of old world and new world notable new highs that the Chairman lists.

It just confirms my thinking that this is a difficult market to trade.

Two great sites doing some innovative Web 2.0 video stuff are the Swan brothers at DayTradeTeam and Brian at Alpha Trends .

Dell is blowing up again and I think Apple has more to do twith this than anyone.

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