…Let Me Explain

The nerds ‘tipped’ about 2 years ago. Now they have plateaud. I know it’s over. They don’t. FriendFeed is their new love. They should love it and we should be happy for that. It puts them back in the corner talking to themselves. So funny, they were killed by the product they now fawn over.

Here is the FriendFeed synopsis so you don’t waste your time there:

1. DUMB.

2. Almost Useless!

3. Bad Interface.

4. Home to cheap ‘A’ list internet putz’s, only interested in themselves but hiding it in veil of caring about community.

This is not to say that FriendFeed won’t sell out for a big number (it won’t) or that there is some usefulness in it, there is, but if you want to make money off a tight community of stock people, you won’t find it there. Ever. You will find us on Twitter everyday, for now :) .

Oh man are the nerds just about done. This close.